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Our rich history of discovery and innovation began more than 125 years ago and continues today. Through the years, our researchers have helped to find new ways to treat and prevent illness in people and animals around the world. We’ve done great things in the past. Today, we’re doing great things for the future.


Based in Kenilworth, NJ, Merck Pharmaceuticals operates in more than 140 countries worldwide. For over 125 years, Merck has been developing and innovating fresh ideas when it comes to curing and preventing illness. Known as MSD outside of the United States and Canada, our policy of transparency and integrity is understood throughout the world.

Merck is dedicated to the continued service of the worldwide community. By using the most advanced techniques for vaccine and treatment development, Merck is paving the way for the future.


Merck’s extensive history stretches back as far as 1668, when Jacob Friedrick Merck first acquired Angel Pharmacy, and began working in the field of pharmaceuticals. With a tradition of offering care and attention to their local areas, the early years of Merck Pharmaceuticals was about developing a trusted brand and manufacturing capability. By 1853, Merck had begun manufacturing its own products and even hosted a display at the World Exhibition in New York City.

In 1887, Merck opened its first office in the United States based in New York, under the management of Theodore Weicker. From there Merck went on to continue to improve the lives of citizens, maintaining the same values they espouse today.

Over the next 125 years, Merck has been involved in research and vaccine development for bubonic plague, measles, mumps, rubella, and Marek’s disease to name a few. They’ve also been involved in producing diphtheria antitoxins, synthesizing cortisone, and refining the process for producing penicillin and other life-changing medical supplies.

Focus Areas

  • Access and Patient Assistance – Merck Pharmaceuticals wants to make sure patients have the access to products, services, and co-pay assistance to make sure they have the highest quality of life. With options for eligible patients for adult vaccines free of charge, Merck is putting individuals first.
  • Oncological Products – Through decades of research Merck Pharmaceuticals has made numerous breakthroughs in the field of cancer research and treatment. Using these biomedical advances, Merck is always taking steps forward to extend lives and increase the effectiveness of cancer treatments worldwide.
  • Animal Health – In addition to keeping people healthy, Merck has pushed for advances in veterinary care. With antiparasitic and anti-infective drugs, along with a wide range of vaccines available for both pet and livestock use, Merck Animal Health is improving lives of both humans and animals.

Lehigh Center for Clinical Research

Who We Are

By working closely with leaders in the industry like Merck Pharmaceuticals, Lehigh Center is able to continue to make the most effective treatment plans for patients. By focusing on treating mental health and neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s, Depression, and Fibromyalgia through clinical trials, Lehigh Center for Clinical Research is making concrete steps in order to serve patients better.

If you are interested in participating in our clinical trials, or are looking for more information, check out our trials page and leave your information for future opportunities.