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i3 Pharamaceuticals, LLC is a modern pharmaceutical company that was established in September 2015. Their mission is to research, develop and manufacture treatments that are typically difficult to manufacture for a variety of reasons.

Technologically focused, i3’s core values are insight, ingenuity and integrity, with an uncompromising dedication to quality.


i3 Pharmaceuticals was founded in September 2015 by Douglas S. Hamilton (formerly or Bristol Mysers Squibb and Sanofi-Aventis),  Ram K. Kallur (formerly of Pfizer and URL Pharma, Inc.), Sunil V. Sagi (formerly of SigmaPharma) and Ishari P. Shrestha (formerly of URL Pharma). Their combined experience in research, development and operations as well as their mutual drive for advancement led them to join together in the name of innovation in the pharmaceutical world.

From their beginnings at a small office is Plymouth Meeting, PA to their current 150,00 square foot office in Warmisnter, PA, they have always striven to provide the medical community with state of the art new therapies using technologies other  pharmaceutical companies did not have the specialized expertise to work with.

In June 2018, after extensive clinicla trials, i3 filed its first ANDA with the U.S. Food & Drug administration for a new, first-to-market product.


Because i3 does not have a specific focus area within the world of medicine, they are not limited to producing treatment for a specific concentration or disease. Since their focus is on innovative technology and groundbreaking therapies, there is massive potential for treatments to develop that have not been widely used by anyone before. Thus includes in the field of mental health, an area of healthcare that is currently lacking in treatment options. Because mental health is so complex and the frequency at which mental health issues are being diagnosed is ever increasing, expanding their neurology-related profile is potentially one of the largest growth opportunities for i3.

This also means clinical trials, an important part of development, are absolutely essential to i3’s process. While they develop and manufacture products at their state of the art facility in Warminster, like all pharmaceutical companies they must rely ofn third parties, like Lehigh Center, to help conduct clinical trials throughout the development stage.

Lehigh Center for Clinical Research

Who We Are

At the Lehigh Center, we enter partnerships withcompanies like i3 with the ultimate goal or improving mental health treatments across the globe. We offer clinical trials to treat a range of conditions, including Alzheimer’s Disease, Binge Eating Disorder, Depression and Fibromyalgia.

If you’re interested in participating in one of our trials but don’t see one that you qualify for, you can leave your information and be considered for future study opportunities.