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“Innovation is about understanding consumer needs and creating solutions and experiences that help them to live healthy, vibrant lives. This is why I often remind my team to keep our consumer purpose at the center of all we do.”

Josh Ghaim
Chief Technology Officer


In 1886, Robert Wood Johnson, along with his brothers James and Edward founded Johnson & Johnson. Their goal was to advance healthcare and standards of care for patients, a goal the company still holds true to today. With a focus on people-first values, Johnson & Johnson has been serving the global community for over a century.

Johnson & Johnson has made advances in home consumer products, medical tools and surgical devices, as well as advanced pharmaceutical products.


Johnson & Johnson began its long history in 1886, when brothers Robert Wood, James, and Edward Johnson formed a company with the intention to create the first mass-produced antiseptic surgical dressings and sutures. Over the next  60 years, the company continued to improve itself and the services provided for those in the community. From supporting employees serving in the military, to providing relief to those affected by natural disasters, Johnson & Johnson was there.

After the acquisition of Janssen Pharmaceuticals in 1961, Johnson & Johnson pushed for the development of treatments for cancer, diabetes, and HIV. In 1979, then-CEO James Burke started the Live for Life program which focused on the mental and behavioral health of Johnson & Johnson employees.

In 2017 the company added new treatment capabilities with the acquisition of Actelion. This allowed for the development of care for cardiovascular, autoimmune, inflammatory diseases, as well as diseases of the brain.

With over 130,000 employees, Johnson & Johnson maintains its status as one of the top manufacturers of medical supplies, treatments, and home products.

Focus Areas

  • Mental Health – Johnson & Johnson’s researchers have been pushing research regarding neuroscience, including mood disorders, schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s Disease. With a focus on improving therapeutics geared towards neurodegenerative dementias, and other significant disorders.
  • Oncology – Focusing on new and innovative ways to combat a disease that claims millions of lives every year, Johnson & Johnson’s goal is to improve the lives of those suffering.
  • Orthopaedics and Cardiovascular Disease – Using fresh and cutting-edge technology, the researchers and engineers of Johnson & Johnson are always taking steps to advance procedures and methods for patients everywhere.

Lehigh Center for Clinical Research

Who We Are

Lehigh Center partners with healthcare providers such as Johnson & Johnson to improve the care and services for a wide range of conditions and disorders. With clinical trials focused on treating a variety of mental health and neurological conditions, Lehigh Center for Clinical Research works to improve understanding and treatment for those dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease, Depression, and Fibromyalgia to name a few.

If you would like to participate or would like to know more regarding our trials, our trials page has more information.