Tips for Coping with Grief After Loss

While everyone will experience loss at some point in their lives — whether it’s the death of a family member, friend, or pet, a divorce, or job loss — the way they process and cope with their grief varies from person to person. Grief is a normal response and the emotional suffering you may feel following a loss. The emotions may range from anger to sadness to guilt to disbelief and can even take a negative toll on physical health. But by incorporating the healthy coping techniques that we include below, in time, you’ll be able to process your grief and find the motivation to keep going while still honoring your loved one.

Celebrities Pledge Mental Health Support Amid COVID-19

While the Coronavirus pandemic threatens the physical health of many across the globe, it also poses a risk to the mental health of many. There is a stigma that surrounds mental health and it is often overlooked and prioritized below physical health, however that should not be the case and all health should matter equally. Some celebrities have recognized this and the importance of support and resources to provide mental health wellness during this time.

Scientists working in a laboratory

The History of Clinical Trials

Today, clinical trials are being conducted all across the world in pursuit of gaining a better understanding of conditions and disorders and finding successful treatments, behaviors, and vaccines to improve the quality of life. For centuries, clinical trials have been responsible for saving lives and advancing the medical field and now as we stop the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, clinical trials are being used to find a cure.